• Inspection Services

    Relying on our extensive experience and equipment we can carry out inspection services on all sorts of structures, pipes, surfaces and equipment.

  • Marine Services

    Design and supply of sub-sea distribution systems and equipment

  • Quality Management

    Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Who We Are

Equisure is a dynamic engineering company emerging with innovative technology in the oil and gas industry. With our team of experts in Inspection Services, Marine Services, Quality Management Services, Project and Environmental Management, we positioned to offer outstanding services with Health, Safety and the Environmental being uppermost in our program.


Providing sustainable and quality services in the oil and gas industry using the best resources, technology and process to meet stakeholders’ expectation in a safe and healthy working environment


To be the service provider of choice dedicated to the pursuit of engineering solutions in the areas of Inspection, sub-sea engineering, quality assurance and control and environmental management in the oil and gas industry, with a strong presence in the global market.


Inspection Services

Marine Services

Quality Management Services

Project Management

Specialist Manpower Supplies

Health, Safety And Environment

Equisure is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all stakeholders. It is our policy to conduct all operations safely and in a manner that will prevent injuries to persons as well as protect against damage to property and the environment.