Health, Safety And Environment

Equisure is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all stakeholders. It is our policy to conduct all operations safely and in a manner that will prevent injuries to persons as well as protect against damage to property and the environment.

Our Safety Philosophy

  1. All employees share a common responsibility in preventing injuries and occupational illnesses
  2. Safety and health is part of every employee’s total job performance
  3. Work safely is the only way to work
  4. Trained employees are essential to prevent personal injuries, accidents, and protect the environment.

Policy Statement

Equisure considers effective safety, health and environmental management to be of prime importance to its business and is committed to continuous improvement in performance in all these areas.

Equisure’s overall goal is a healthy, injury-free workplace for all. By working together, we will achieve this goal.

  1. Comply with all legislative requirements pertaining to safety, health and the environment as its minimum standard;
  2. Pursue high standards of safety, health and environmental management as an integral part of efficient management of the business, ensuring that all business decisions take proper account of safety, health and environmental implications.
  3. Partner with our customers to ensure that safety, health and environmental standards are held to the highest level possible.
  4. Maintain, review and report on safety, health and environmental performance indicators including:
    • Accident and incident performance rates;
    • Attainment of annual safety, health and environmental objectives;
    • Results of safety, health and environmental inspections and audits;
    • Compliance with all legislative requirements.
  5. Review and, if necessary, revise the HS&E policy on an annual basis.